Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hotels in Balanga City

One of my problem when I was instruct to go to Bataan is where to stay? I don't know Balanga if there are nice Hotels in Balanga city or in Bataan. It's my first time to go to the place and I have never made any research before about this province so I am totally zero. Oh not really during may grade school my teacher in history use to teach us about Mt. Samat , or well known as Dambana ng kagitingan.

Aside from that historical place I don't know anymore about Balanga or Bataan. I have made some research trough internet where should I stay in balanga city. Is there a 5 star hotel in the place?

It's really hard to find an information from the net, it seems the sites of those hotels if there is were not pickup properly by search engine.

I need to digg deeper and try different keywords or phrase to search at least one hotel in balanga city.

Luckily I have found yellowpageph.com and I have contacted them and they provide me some list.

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